Broken Sleep – the new single by Agnes Obel

Danish songwriter and producer Agnes Obel has shared the official video for her new track, ‘Broken Sleep’, which also features on her upcoming album, Myopia.

“This song was, surprisingly enough, written in a period where I was struggling with falling asleep,” Obel says of ‘Broken Sleep’.

“In an effort to find a cure, I began to read about the science of sleep as well as the cultural history of sleep which led me to the ancient idea that sleep and death are familiar states and problems with sleep are linked to a fear of death. Relics of this idea are still to be found in our language today, in the way we describe both death and sleep.”

Created by long-term collaborator and partner Alex Brüel Flagstad, the ‘Broken Sleep’ video accompanies the themes within the album perfectly and continuously follows on from the ‘Island Of Doom’ video, released in October 2019.

For almost a decade, Agnes Obel has been one of the most independent and original artists in contemporary music. Now she has returned with new music, releasing the enchanting single ‘Island of Doom’, ahead of the release of her highly anticipated new album Myopia – released through Deutsche Grammophon, Universal Music Group’s prestigious Yellow Label, and Blue Note in North America, on 21 February 2020.

“For me Myopia is an album about trust and doubt”, says Agnes Obel. “Can you trust yourself or not? Can you trust your own judgments? Can you trust that you will do the right thing? Can you trust your instincts and what you are feeling? Or are your feelings skewed?”

Agnes Obel will be playing shows across Europe and North America in 2020. More touring to be announced soon. Visit the artist’s official website for tickets and further information for all her upcoming shows.