James Francies Releases ‘713’ Animated Music Video

Pianist, producer, and composer James Francies has released the new single ‘713’, a vivid tribute to his Houston hometown. The track is the first single from his forthcoming album Purest Form, to be released 21 May on Blue Note Records.

Stream ‘713’, the new single by James Francies


Since his debut album Flight in 2018, Francies has embarked upon a wide-ranging personal exploration of sound-bending and orchestrally-minded approaches to music. His collaborations that break through the constraints of genre — including those with Childish Gambino, Pat Metheny, Mark Ronson, The Roots, YEBBA, Chris Potter, Common, Eric Harland, Marcus Miller, DJ Dahi and Ms. Lauryn Hill — have enhanced his development and refined his sound.

On Purest Form, his forthcoming album, Francies accesses intimate chambers of his artistry across 14 tracks, interpreting love, grief, frailty, and fortitude.

The album’s core trio includes Francies’ longtime collaborators and fellow Houstonians Burniss Travis on bass and Jeremy Dutton on drums. Additional musicians featured throughout include the alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins and vibraphonist Joel Ross, as well as guitarist Mike Moreno and vocalists Elliott Skinner, Peyton, and Bilal.

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Francies’ expression blooms across false borders of genre and style. He nurtures a celestial fascination with melody and texture. “Music, in its purest form, is an honest space we’re trying to get to where there are no preconceived ideas of what we think something should sound like,” he says. “When you really tap into who you are on the inside, musically and as a person, that energy supersedes anything else.”

For Francies, Purest Form is more than a recording. It’s an essence. “I hope that what I was trying to go for — an immersive, multidimensional experience — really reaches people.”

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