Joep Beving Recommends…

Taking some time off from his Australian tour, pianist and composer Joep Beving recommends his favourite listening, reading, viewing, eating, and places to visit.


I absolutely love Keaton Henson’s last album Six Lethargies. I also find myself returning to Luke Howard’s The Sand That Ate The Sea soundtrack album from 2019, Brambles’ Charcoal from 2012 and Mark Pritchard Under the Sun.

Reading or Podcast

Some eye-openers for me have been Fingerprints of the Gods (Graham Hanock), The Red Book (Carl Jung), Narcis & Goldmund (Herman Hesse).

Film, Movie, or TV Series

I don’t have a lot of time to binge watch. Even seeing the movies I need to see tends to be difficult or doesn’t get the priority it deserves. To relax, my wife and I love the Chef’s Table series on Netflix. Beautifully made and fascinating to see passion and philosophy resulting in unique creations and stories. Oh and check out Shangri-La, a 4-part docu-series on Rick Rubin if you are into music-making. This was brought to my attention by a good friend of mine. Lastly something that has had an impact on my life and thinking, watch DMT the Spirit Molecule.

YouTube Video

DMT The Spirit Molecule

The Powers of Ten (1977)


Love Thai food always! But last couple of years it’s mostly about cooking veggies. So Ottolenghi is also on the menu in our home. I just had breakfast at Gotan in Brooklyn, I always walk out there with a smile. But I am not the expert and I remember eating in Melbourne and feeling the immediate urge to relocate there as the food was so good!

Place to Visit

I love Tokyo! I recently visited Slovenia and was blown away by its scenery and natural beauty. Patagonia is still high on my list of places to visit. Melbourne became a favorite. And I recently explored the Portland outskirts which I was very excited about.

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