Lambert – The Man, Behind The Mask, Behind The Piano

Lambert is the masked man at the piano – a phantom haunting the space between romance and pop culture. A character without a history, Lambert guides the listener on an intimate, haunting emotional journey through music.

Get to know Lambert – the man, behind the mask, behind the piano…

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What goes into creating the sound of Lambert?

Well, my sound is a result of my musical background in classical music – but actually, my heart lies in pop culture.

Like probably everyone my age, I used to listen to Nirvana, and I religiously love Oasis. Songwriters have always been very influential to me, The Beatles especially. Even before I was able to speak English I was singing songs by The Beatles.

When I was in my early teenage years I discovered improvisation and jazz music. Pianistically, jazz has had the biggest influence on the way I play, the way I understand making music, and the freedom I take when I play.

What do you think about your music being described as “neo-classical”?

When I listen to what is considered “neo-classical” music what I have noticed is that – even though it all is very different – there’s a very strong “vertical” aspect to it. There is an emphasis on harmony and mood. That’s also why it works so well in film, because very often a melody would distract from the storyline.

I don’t think I’m really in that stream, because I’m looking for catchy melodies. I’m a pop guy in that way – I love to sing along to everything. Of course I’m also looking for a good mood, for an ambient sound that immediately catches you. But that’s not the most important part of what I’m doing.

What I really search for is “what’s catchy? What sticks in my head?”. In German we have this word – “earworm”. When you have a melody in your ear that you want to repeat and sing. You are riding your bike on the street and you continue singing this melody and the stupid lyrics!

What is the story behind your mask?

It’s a mask from a very little town in Sardinia that is used during the time of carnival. I think it means fertilization.

So you’re fertilizing the audience when you perform your music?

Well, what I like about the mask is it makes me bigger. Especially in the beginning – when I started Lambert – I had very low self-esteem. I’m still very afraid of performing, of failing.

The mask helps me to feel free, and not to feel the pressure of representing my true self.

I’m sometimes embarrassed to wear this mask, but on the other hand, I think I would be so much more embarrassed if I had to be in front of everybody without the mask. I don’t know how people do it, I would feel so insecure.

And how could I possibly represent my true self? My face? Is that itself not a masquerade already? If you present yourself to the public or to the audience you always think about which part of yourself to show.

That is kind of the same as wearing a mask, don’t you think?

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