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Richard Walters – from UK spoken word meets post-rock supergroup LYR – recommends his favourite listening, reading, viewing, eating, and places to visit.

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I’ve been listening to the new Phoebe Bridgers album Punisher non stop – beautiful, nostalgic production and razor sharp lyrics. She’s incredible.

Reading or Podcast

I just read The Offing by Benjamin Myers, which is funny and heartbreaking, incredible escapism perfect for lockdown situations. I’ll say no more, other than it’s one of the finest novels I’ve read in a long long time.

Film, Movie, or TV Series

The HBO series Vinyl is brilliant and something I can happily rewatch again and again. It tells the story of a record exec during the 60s/70s music boom; it’s incredibly silly and incredibly watchable.

YouTube Video

YouTube is a great place for hunting out otherwise unavailable documentaries, and I recently watched the BBC doc Johnny Too Bad, which is all about the rise and fall of English folk artist John Martyn. Really compelling, and if course full of beautiful performances.


I’m obsessed with Greek food. Especially Skordakia, which is a potato and garlic dip. Unbelievably delicious and lethally garlicky.

Place to Visit

As above, I’m a big Greek food and Greek island fan – Milos and Hydra are favourites. It’s such a history and culture rich country, perfect food and the ideal pace of life. Again, during lockdown I’ve thought a great deal about drinking cold beer in the sun on a Greek beach.

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