're:visions' – a video for every city from Ólafur Arnalds

Following the success of his critically acclaimed album re:member and global tour, Icelandic composer, musician and producer Ólafur Arnalds announces the release of the special deluxe edition of his 2018 release, re:member, with 4LPs featuring brand new arrangements and live reworks – titled re:visions.

Each track on re:visions is accompanied by a live video performance from around the world.

brot (Lisboa) has been through so many changes since I first wrote it to a hip hop beat I made with a producer friend. I ended up removing that beat (sorry bngrboy) and just leaving the orchestra part beautifully recorded at Air Studios. And now, this live version sits somewhere in the middle of it all.”

re:visions track-listing

1 Brot (Lisboa)

2 Saman (Berlin)

3 Ypsilon (Leicester)

4 Undir (London)

5 Ekki Hugsa (Amsterdam)

6 Nyepi (München)