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Ahead of the release of her album Scattered On The Wind, Australian pianist and composer Sophie Hutchings recommends her favourite listening, reading, viewing, eating, and places to visit.


Ohhhhhh there’s too many to mention! So I’m going to go with the first neo-classical outfit I discovered: Rachel’s. Bordering on chamber-cross-orchestral with moments of indie-rock sensibility – I’ve never grown weary of anything of theirs. Their album Selenography is probably a good introduction.

Reading or Podcast

One of my favourite reads is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. She writes in such a compelling way that captures a kind of tension and anticipation that you can’t let go of.

Film, Movie, or TV Series

The Breadwinner (Available on Netflix). This is such a vibrantly colourful animated tale of youthful courage in Taliban-era Afghanistan. The movie is beautiful, sad, heartening, maddening, and hopeful all in one. A very touching film.

YouTube Video

Can I recommend my latest film clip to my single ‘Surrender to the Deepest Blue’?! We got up at 4 AM and headed down to a small beautiful town on the South Coast of New South Wales. We managed to film a lot the takes before sunrise. It was a pretty stormy morning, but that added to the feel of it all.


Oh dear I’m so not a gamer! But I have funny youthful memories playing Pictionary. It’s always entertaining when someone who can’t draw flaps their arms about and simply stabs at the picture in hope that a member of their team will yell out the correct answer. Perhaps a good game for family bonding in lockdown right now.


Oooohhhh I really love cooking so to name one is quite difficult for me! My favourite cuisines to cook are Italian, Middle Eastern and Indian. I often peruse the good food website for inspiration

Place To Visit

One of my favourite cities in Europe is Lisbon – for it’s fairytale charm – and Hampi in South India. A truly mystical place!

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