Bryce Dessner of The National scores "The Two Popes"

Bryce Dessner of band The National has scored Fernando Meirelles’ new film The Two Popes.

The Two Popes stars Anthony Hopkins as Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who goes on to become Pope Francis. The movie hits U.S. theaters on November 27 and then comes to Netflix on December 20. In a statement, Bryce Dessner said:

It was an absolute joy to work with such an incredible cast and team on The Two Popes. In particular I have always been a huge fan of director Fernando Mereilles and it was an honor to finally work directly on a film with him. His work is deeply musical and it was a wonderful journey to find the sound world for The Two Popes, which began with the intimate and incredible performances of Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. This was the first film I’ve worked on a score where I got to visit the set as they were shooting in Rome for a few days and began composing in the room with the actors and crew. The score has moments of more abstract minimal and layered orchestral music which I wrote for Benedict’s scenes, and then music inspired by Argentina folk music (in particular Mercedes Sosa and Dinu Saluzzi) for which I spent a lot of time composing for the classical guitar again.

Stream the soundtrack HERE.